Falcon Private Investigators is a firm that has been in operation for the past 25 years.
Run by retired NYPD Detective Ralph G. Nieves, Falcon Private Investigators is licensed and bonded in New York. Mr. Nieves has worked for Decision Strategies, The Brosnan Group, Millennium Challenge Corporation, USAID, Chemonics and Blue Force International and and as a special consultant to Beau Dietl. & Associates.


Mr. Nieves is widely recognized as an expert bilingual polygraphist. He is trained in the Axciton Computer Polygraph System, which uses four software programs to analyze test results and is utilized by 85% of law enforcement agencies in the United States. These agencies include the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Central Intelligence Agency, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.


In his years with the NYPD, Mr. Nieves held increasing responsible positions. In 1971 he was selected for a seven-year assignment to the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force. During that period he was responsible for the investigation and apprehension of major narcotics traffickers, for physical and electronic surveillance and for undercover operations. In 1972 he was assigned to the Northeast Region Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement, which was established by executive order by President Nixon.


During his last three years on the police force, Mr. Nieves was assigned to the Bronx Sex Crimes Squad. He is trained in all aspects of sex crimes investigation and is a Certified Post Sex Offender Examiner (Bi-Lingual Polygraphist). In addition, Mr. Nieves has attended American Polygraph Association seminars throughout the United States in the past twenty five years.


Mr. Nieves studied police science and criminal justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CJA). He has received professional training from the United States Department of Justice in RICO Conspiracy and Undercover Operations. In addition, Mr. Nieves has received extensive training in criminal investigation from the NYPD. He is trained in polygraph from the New York Lie Detection Laboratories, American Polygraph Association.


Mr. Nieves served in the United States Marine Corps from 1964 to 1969. He is a member of the American Polygraph Association, Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State, Empire State Polygraph Society, and American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement, New York City Police Department Hispanic Society and the New York City Police Department Detectives Endowment Association (Retired).

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