Certified Bi-lingual Private Investigator and Polygraph Examiner. 18-B NYC Assigned

Counsel Plan and the Federal Criminal Justice Act indigent defendents panel

Certified as Post Sex Offender Polygraph Examiner


Founded Falcon Private Investigators. Licensed and bonded in New York City Present-1979

Engaged in all aspects of private security work

Bilingual Polygraphist (Computerized Lie Detector Examiner)

Assigned to the Bronx Sex Crimes Squad, New York City Police Department 1976-1979

Assigned to the Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement Northeast Region 1972 established by executive order of
    the President of the United States

New York City Assigned Council Plan (18 B-Panel) - Expert is Bilingual Polygraphy & Investigations

Federal Criminal Justice Act (Indigent Defendants Panel) - Expert is Bilingual Polygraphy & Investigations

US Dept. of Justice Drug Enforcement –Administration Task Force 1971-1976

Responsibilities included

Detection and apprehension of major narcotics traffickers

Proficiency in physical and electronic surveillance techniques especially in undercover operations

Member of the New York City Police Department 1966-1980

Attained rank of Detective


New York Lie Detection Laboratories (A division of Victor C. Kaufman, Inc) 1973

New York City Police Department Criminal Investigation Course 1971-1974

United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration

New York City Police Department

In-Service Training Program

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York 1966-1974


United States Marine Corps 1964-1969

 - Reserves 6th Communication Battalion, Bronx, NY

 - MOS Wireman

United States Marine Corps Communication School San Diego, CA 1964-1966


American Polygraph Association

New York State Defenders Association

Empire State Polygraph Society

American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement

New York City Police Department Hispanic Society

New York City Police Department Detectives Endowment Association (Retired)

Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State, Incorporated

Detectives’ Crime Clinic Metropolitan New York and New Jersey

A.P.P.I. (Area Police/Private Security Liaison)

Veterans Police Officers Association

Hispanic Society Police Department City of New York Retired Police Officers Association


American Polygraph Association

National Associations of Police Chiefs

International Police Officers Conference

Sexual Offender Training Seminar – Malaga, Spain

Falcon Private Investigators

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